Toner Produce Ltd. benefits from the most productive land in western New Brunswick and one of the best crop rotation programs in the industry. We grow potatoes in our fields only 2 years out of 5. Our crop rotation program assures that we can produce high quality potatoes in the most consistent manner. Resource management and especially soil and crop management are some of the most important factors in the production of high quality crops.

Our land is stretched with miles of contours, terraces and waterways in order to prevent erosion and minimal runoff of soil and nutrients. Our land management program allows us to sustain our fertile land for generations to come.


Toner Produce Ltd. is also aware of their social responsibility and is therefore part of the New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan. There are 5 ultimate goals which we, as producers, feel must be attained to achieve a sustainable relationship between the environment and the agriculture industry. These factors are:

Our farm is also recognized into the Canada GAP program, OFFS (On Farm Food Safety) which focuses on good agricultural practices.


Depending on the potato variety, the planter is calibrated electronically for optimal spacing.


Potato Storage

Each storage holds approximately 3 million to 6 million pounds of potatoes. All storages are equipped with humidifiers to preserve product freshness all year round.